MARSHMALLOW e Chocolate Quente | I Could Kill For Dessert 09 #ICKFD

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O Marshmallow caseiro é muito fácil de fazer e fica um milhão de vezes mais gostoso do que o industrializado. Sem contar que você pode colorir com a cor que você achar mais bonita e ainda usar a essência, licor ou o sabor que preferir. Definitivamente é um ótimo presente para a Páscoa e o melhor de tudo: é você quem vai ter feito!! ;D
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Link da Receita de Chocolate Quente:

Homemade Marshmallow

The homemade marshmallow is one of the easiest things to do and it’s a thousand times better than the industrialized ones! Not to mention that you can colour them and add a flavour of your choice! Enjoy!
– 2 tbsps of HYDROGENATED FAT (just to grease the tray)
– 12 GELATINE leaves
– 2 cups of SUGAR
– 1 cup of GLUCOSE or CORN SYRUP
– 2 tsps of VANILLA EXTRACT (or any flavouring you like!)
– 1 pinch of SALT
– 1 cup of POWDERED SUGAR, sifted
1. Grease a tray, of aproximately 23cm x 33cm, with the vegetable fat.
2. In a bowl, soak the gelatine leaves with the water and the ice. Let it sit for a bit.
3. In a medium size pan, put the sugar, half of the glucose and ½ cup of water in medium heat. Use a candy thermometer to check when the syrup reaches 112C to 115C, aproximately 6 minutes.
TIP: do not let the sugar or the glucose stick to the sides of your pan cause it could make your syrup burn and get bitter.
4. Put the rest of the glucose in a mixer.
5. Put some water to boil so you can make a little water bath. Drain you gelatine leaves and throw away the iced water.
6. Melt the gelatine over the water bath. Stirr constantly and don’t let it heat over 60C.
7. Turn on the mixer on a low speed and add the gelatine to the glucose slowly.
8. When the syrup reaches 112C to 115C, remove it from the heat, turn the mixer to a medium-high speed slowly add the syrup.
9. When you poured all the syrup, turn you mixer to a high speed and let it mix the batter for 5 minutes more. The marshmallow should be turning into a white a fluffly mix.
10. Add the vanilla and the sal. Turn the mixer to the higher speed and mix it for another minute.
11. Pour the mixture in the greased tray and spread it with a spatula.
12. Powder some powdered sugar on top and let it rest for 6 hours at room temperature.
13. Cut the marshmallows in little cubes and powder more sugar! It’s ready!
If you are going to substitute the vanilla for other flavouring of your choice, bare in mind that they might have a different flavour concentration and you might not need the two tsps i suggested.
KEEP IT FOR: 1 week in a closed pot.
MAKES ABOUT: 40 little cubes

The best Hot Chocolate
This is a hot chocolate recipe capable of warming each and every heart! Add some rum or cognac that it gets even better!
– 1 cup of MILK CHOCOLATE, you can chop it or use chips
– 1 cup of MILK
– 1 cup of HEAVY CREAM
– 30ml of COGNAC
– grated NUTMEG to taste
1. Melt the chocolate with the milk in a pan over a low heat.
2. Whip the cream until you have a Chantilly consistency.
3. Divide the hot chocolate in two mugs. Add to each mug half of the cognac.
4. Add one tbsp of the whipped cream to each mug. Top it with the marshmallow and some grated nutmeg. And it READY! Now you can relax!
KEEP IT FOR: immediate consumption

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